update archive

as to not clutter the container, i limit my home page's update box to only have the latest 7 updates. however, as to not lose them, i wanted a seprate page to archive and preserve them.

11.07.23 my bag page is open! home page no longer explodes when opened by chrome users. sorry.

11.05.23 blog :> and revamped links section a little

10.29.23 added some pizzaz to homepage

10.18.23 custom art banner!!!! and new button!! by me!!!

10.16.23 hey its the gallery. replacing discord images with catbox + reviews

10.15.23 mutuals section in links <3 also click those stamps on the home screen!

10.12.23 new blog and new stamps

9.19.23 im alive. misc page + survey added

8.19.23 new blog + reviews. update archive page

8.10.23 cleaned up home, links, and updated sitemap. music now plays in blog and reviews

8.08.23 new reviews page! a blog was added a week ago too

7.23.23 added links, music player with unique songs every page!

7.20.23 new blog, new about, updated sitemap. new home graphics

7.18.23 getting a better idea of what the site should look like. revamped blog

6.18.23 getting back on top of things. first blog post and revamped colors.

2.09.23i rise again. creation of page!