im patch or emerald. any pronouns, 20. i wander the internet. overall id consider myself a pretty reserved person, but i love hearing about other people's stories. i think everyone has something interesting to share, and i want to express my own self through a website. web 2 has mostly become very tiring for me, so a customizable space that allows me to create and curate how id like feels much more comfortable.

im currently a college student, i try to work hard because i really enjoy what i do! i also work part time, so my schedule is typically pretty busy. ill do my best to update the site as much as i can though, because i think i deserve time to self care and reflect on what i do.

ive been a fan of gaming and anime since i was very young! one of my first memories is of getting a nintendo ds for my birthday and it was a years long companion. i also first got into anime when i was around 8, when my older cousin would show me, but i never truly started to explore it for myself until around 2016 or so. i dont have as much time to sit and complete games or shows as i did anymore, but i still enjoy the experiences i share with them.

music has been a big part of my life since... forever. my dad is a musician, and my brother works in sound, so ive grown up going to their concerts and listening to the rock music they like. eventually i grew to get my own sense of music taste. i would say its pretty varied, and i really do mean it when i wsay like all genres! i would love to hear more, i try to make it a goal to listen to a new album at least once a week.

really more than anything, i think im a pretty simple person. i want to be compassionate towards others, have the same done to me. i want to learn what i can while i still have time on this silly planet we all ended up on. i dont think im particularly out there, but i think theres still a lot of time for me to know who im going to become. thanks for reading, if you got this far.

patchwork staccato