hi, the name is emerald/patch! this is my little hideaway from the rest of the internet.

my goal here is to showcase and create whatever makes me happy. personal websites are well, personal, so this site will be filled with things i like and i want to share with whoever will listen. for more info on me visit my about!

youre lucky number !

please, take a look around, and make yourself comfortable!

watching: hunter x hunter 2011

playing: wacca reverse

current concern: new 2ds xl prices on ebay are expensive...

i want to try my best to update the site at least once a week in some way, slowly building into a site im really proud of! i started more seriously working on the page in summer of 2023 and i want to make it last :)

to do
☆ complete a shrine
★ join a webring
☆ host writings
★ revamp sitemap
neocitiessend me chain mail ★ discord: patchxs
emerald mines. 2023 - forever and a day