Kino's Journey

kino's journey encapsulates a feeling thats unable to be reproduced in this era. with muted tones. slow pacing, yet episodic introspective on human behavior, kino's journey fits its 2000s airdate. each episode feels like a fable with its own story to tell.

kino and hermes, our guides and protagonists, have a wonderful dynamic that allows them to explore the world they live in with curiosity, and while having a want to do whats right, dont always intervene in a tradtional hero role. its refreshing to see a protagonist not actively doing what should be considered the moral high ground every time. kino is a simple traveler, and sometimes they have to leave the countries they visit without fixing their problems.

the episodic nature of the show was a double edged sword. all episodes are good at the very least, some of them fantastic and deserving of rewatch, but others simply stay at the 'okay' rating. whats fantastic will keep you on the edge of your seat though. i feel like no story overstayed it's welcome though, with only one taking up more than episode. having kino encounter so many different areas allows for a better understanding of kino in different situations as well.

watched both sub and dub. both excellent quality and equally recommend.


Moenie and Kitchi

The perfect type of album to have on a rainy day. With mellow acoustics and even softer singing, this makes for an album that is simply comforting. Moenie and Kitchi knows what it is, it doesn't kick anything off with a bang or try with flashy instruments, it instead leads you by the hand and reminds you of the life around you. Everything fits together.


Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

a definitive, final end to evangelion as a series.

while the original series on it's own is incredible on it's own, what makes the rebuilds is that it is a direct response to evangelion fans. it doesnt do so mockingly, no 'wow, your favorite show is the psychedelic mecha show from the 90s?' and while the rebuilds accepts the fans' kindness, it knows that we need to move on. its been over 20 years.

the characters are not all how you remember them. little bits, pieces, show that theyre different. time has passed. humanity has tried to build itself back up, continues to live. people change, they can learn and improve themselves from one another, and can find a way to be happy despite the circumstances.

thats what eva is to me at least, growing no matter what is thrown at you.

my first view was great, if lonely. sitting at home alone and trying to keep up. my second viewing, in a theater with people surrounding me, was magical. i was absolutely one of the people crying, and hearing others just as moved as i was made me realize just how far this series has touched fans internationally. this is what it was all about. it was always about that outward hand, saying "this is what people do when they want to bond."

sayonara, evangelion!


Groundhog Day

i was around 10 when i first played the nintendo 64's legend of zelda majoras mask. its a game where youre stuck in a three day cycle to complete everything. i very quickly became frustrated at this mechanic, and never finished it.

i picked it up again, at age 17. i got farther in, enough to finish at least one temple. the kidnapping victim was saved, the area brought back from ruin. the next day in game, it all resets. but you have other places to be, other people to help. the entire world to save. in majora's mask, you cannot save everyone.

watching groundhog day, i almost see a mirror of feelings that i went through. the initial freedom, the desperation that follows, the hopelessness of realization. it all is delivered in an expert way, the pacing of establishing the day, then the variations going by, until an entire day is only shown by a single sentence's difference. in reckless uncaring, phil ends in failure. in obsessive striving for a perfect day, phill ends up with failure.

its only after that, after his pride is gone, all his 'wishes' fulfilled and leave him feeling nothing, does he finally turn to kindness. perhaps its both cynical and optimistic, at the end, after everything, every option is explored, is he actually considerate of those around him. many reviews are mentioning the pandemic, how every day feels the same. and really, sometimes all it takes is being a bit more open to the world and the people around you, to really stop that cycle.


Hatsune Miku - SPM Figure - 15th Anniversary, Murakami Yuichi

for a prize figure, very cute. i like her design a lot, it's my favorite of the 15th anni set. bought mine sealed at a convention. her right pigtail comes off fairly easily unfortuntely, when I was setting her up it fell off twice. stands nicely though. lovely fig!

seeyalater stratocaster

feels very unique in comparison to other vocasynth albums, with its pleasing alt rock sound. i love how eleanor is tuned here, kind of gravely but full of passion, fitting perfectly and at points almost blending in with the instrumental. while that affect is incredibly atmospheric and gives the bittersweet end of summer feel, i do wish sometimes those vocals could be heard more clearly. i see a lot of amazing potential in what i can hope can be a new rising producer.


skip and loafer

a show you cant help but smile at. every character is lovable yet not without flaws. they really feel like actual teens, a little cringe but so wholehearted. i cant even write this without remembering the show and smiling. i love a cute shoujo that can be funny yet have drama. expect here- characters actually have healthy talks. theres a moment a few episodes in that in another show couldve easily led to a stretched out multi episode conflict but they just... talk about it and understand each other. incredible. its only up from here.


code geass: lelouch of the rebellion r2

a beautiful tragedy. there are parts to code geass that are outlandish, with plot holes, or characters that dont exactly fit, but at the heart of it all is our central three characters who form a narrative that perfectly fits together. the ending lives up to its hype. i start off talking about the negatives to code geass, the plot holes and odd jumps in logic characters have, because i have so much to say in terms in positives instead.

i eat high politics drama like junk food. i love royal courts getting into mind games and manipulations and double crossings and this shows feeds every craving. lelouch is driven beyond common reason, flair of the dramatic leads to entertaining scenes that make you want to root for him despite it all. one of his canonical favorite books is hamlet, for god's sake, we get it youre a theater kid. c.c. and suzaku make for perfect foils for him in their own ways, partners and accomplices yet struggling with their own ideas of why to live. their dynamics with one another are some of the most interesting ive seen in an anime.

r2's animation is admittedly very 2000s, which is to say dated. im mostly indifferent to mecha, but the choreography is done well from what i can tell. i do however have a soft spot for CLAMP related character designs, even if they look a little silly with how long their legs are.

i feel like theres so much more to say perhaps in a longer post but my general consensus is that its great. suzaku did everything wrong but hes still my fav.

actually watched a mix of sub and dub mostly for yuri lowenthal's sake. i liked both of them quite a bit!


Sakura Miko - POP UP PARADE i

got her a while ago at a display at a general hobby store. always waanted something hololive so it was a nice find! its a pop up, but i think the posing and overall quality is nice. its also my first time trying to take my own photos of my figures which i hope to do more often as i get more! she fits really well with my other pink figures.

Chill Kill
Red Velvet - Chill Kill

rv's newest album does not dissapoint!! its a great mix of their red and velvet side, and the visuals are stunningly dark. the title track has this catchy upbeat chorus that suprised me. as someone who is more privy to their red, their weird sounds from zimzalabim, the absolute variety of an artist who can do the beautiful balad of wings to knock knock's cheeky horror vibe. it was solid but unfortunately i think its highs werent as high as some of their previous. still, its lovely to have them back.


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

refreshing show, im so glad i went in spoiler free. there are some issues i have with characterization here and there, and it wouldve benefited from more episodes, but what we got was fun. dub isnt the most polished, but easily the intended way to watch. this makes me excited for scott pilgrim again