other cool sites

web resources / credit

w3bschools - needs no introduction, my most used source for learning

scripted - scripts, lots of links to other resources

puella - layouts (home, links)

repth - layouts (blog, about me)

neothemes - layouts (reviews)

sadgrl - layouts, tile bgs, the works


free media heck yeah THE index for all things pirating, emultaion, online safety, and anything else you need from the web. easy to search and always updated by a team who makes sure the links are all safe - status sharing website

terms of service, didnt read - simplifies tos of major sites and what information the take


consumer aesthetics research institute - records aestetics in art from 1970s to today

settai dreams - animation production materials, color designs artbooks storyboards etc

vimm's lair - video game emulation help + manual scans

zenius - search for arcades in your area, or by game